May 3, 2021

"Last Fall I purchased three seven foot arborvitaes and a large crimson king maple. Delivered by a five man crew that were well trained, polite and efficient. After a couple of weeks the leaves fell off the maple, almost two months early. Concerned I called John who reassured me that it was likely shocked from the move and will recover in the Spring. Because I was so worried he drove across town to my home to inspect the tree. It's Spring and the tree is in full bloom! Time to place another order, great place to do business!"
November 25, 2020

"Favorite Christmas Tree spot! Al"
November 21, 2020

"This plant nursery is great. Good quality plants and customer service."
November 14, 2020

"Very polite staff"
November 3, 2020

Steinkopf Nursery